The Marina Greens

Veggie Lovers

Quinoa & Spinach (veggie lovers) $8.50

This dish has 12 grams of protein & starts with a fresh bed of spinach.  We then drizzle some mildly spicy dressing & add our home-made Golden Quinoa (with roasted red peppers, yellow peppers, tomatoes, & cilantro).  This sensation is topped with Romano, Parmesean &  our own natural spices.

Friscos Hummus $8.99 (veggie lovers)

Fresh hummus and pita with mixed greens and fresh veggies served with four outrageous dipping sides; our homemade olive relish, pesto, wicked wolf, and creamy dijon.

SKINNY GREEN PIZZA 8.50 (veggie lovers)

It’s green, and it’s cheesy.


474484_4627822664943_654676980_oDon’t let the name fool you. This is our version of a California pizza. Our crust is thin & made with spinach & pesto. It has no tomato sauce on it, but does have lots of melted Monterey Jack, Cheddar & aged Romano cheeses. Our fresh tomato salsa garnishes the top and is baked into the cheeses. Light & very tasty. Not traditional pizza, but very Friscos!

Extra Toppings

Bacon $2.00, Virginia Baked Ham $2.00, Home made Olive relish $.75,  Thinly sliced avocado $2.00, Fresh Baked Chicken Breast $2.00


SAUSALITO $8.50 (veggie lovers)

This Baked Potato is a tasty & healthy treat. Imagine a steamy Baker topped with homemade tomato, green & yellow pepper salad. Then comes ¼ pound of California avocado with just the right amount of seasoning. The combination of the unique flavors makes for a lite & delicious meal.

TWIN PEAKS $8.50 (veggie lovers)

Another light but filling baker. This hot baked potato is covered with crunchy vegetables & ranch dressing. Topped with melted cheddar & away we go.

MARINA GREENS $6.00/$7.00(veggie lovers)

Our version of a garden salad-but improved, of course. We use mixed greens, fresh chopped veggies, mild HOMEMADE salsa & sprouts. It is lightly seasoned with lemon,  oil & vinegar.

MISSION $9.43 (veggie lovers)

Like Brie? Melted Brie on a toasted French Roll with diced tomatoes, green & yellow peppers, finely chopped red onions with alfalfa sprouts & homemade Olive Relish. It has that great taste. Lite but filling.

GOLDEN GATE $9.43 (Veggie Lovers)

Get smoked on the Golden Gate. Fresh Avocado, Hickory smoked gouda cheese, alfalfa sprouts, sliced tomato, & ceasar dressing. We serve this delight on sliced 7 grain bread.