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Big Fresh Salads

Our delicious salads are prepared to order and are made with the freshest ingredients.

Quinoa & Spinach (veggie lovers) $8.50

This dish has 12 grams of protein & starts with a fresh bed of spinach.  We then drizzle some mildly spicy dressing & add our home-made Golden Quinoa (with roasted red peppers, yellow peppers, tomatoes, & cilantro).  This sensation is topped with Romano, Parmesean &  our own natural spices.

MARINA GREENS $6.00/$7.00(veggie lovers)

Our version of a garden salad-but improved, of course. We use mixed greens, fresh chopped veggies, mild HOMEMADE salsa & sprouts. It is lightly seasoned with lemon,  oil & vinegar.

FRISCOS CHEFFY $8.50/$9.60

Traditional Salad with a little flair. This is a full salad with lots of stuff. We start with mixed greens & add baked Ham, Turkey & Salami. Then comes shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. We top this salad with our homemade mild salsa, Italian Seasoning, Vinegar & oil & sprouts.


Our famous homemade chicken salad & its blend of mild herbs is served on chopped mixed greens, tomato & green pepper salsa, & sprouts.


Our tuna salad is made fresh daily with Albacore all white tuna. It’s lightly seasoned & very mild. Served on mixed greens, topped with our homemade salsa, & served with a piece of fresh baked bread. This light salad is just perfect for lunch… or for dinner.


This Italian & Greek salad dices Salami, & Sopressata on Mixed greens, topped with our homemade mild salsa, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, olive relish, pepperoncini, & oil & vinegar, seasoned to perfection.


Our fresh homemade chicken salad is lightly curried & served on mixed greens, with pasta & veggies. It is sprinkled with shredded cheddar, Red onion & sprouts.

FRISCOS COBB $8.50/$9.60

Another BIG salad. This one starts with mixed greens, topped with diced turkey, penne pasta, crunchy fresh cut veggies, bacon, ripe California avocado, shredded cheddar cheese & ranch dressing.


This features our homemade chicken salad with a spicy flair. We serve this chicken salad on mixed greens with a touch of mild salsa. The unique spices create just the right amount of warmth & the blend is outstanding.

WEST OF SANTE FE $8.50/$9.60

This is the salad version of the famous Santa Fe baked potato. It is served on mixed greens, lots of Southwest chicken is in the middle of the salad surrounded by veggies, pasta, sour cream, tomato salsa & shredded cheese. It is as big as Texas & tastes even better.


The high note flavor of our Caribbean style pasta with fresh veggies & our mildly spicy Sante Fe chicken. The jerk seasoning along with a creamy southwest chili sauce & tender chicken are a perfect complement.


Not your same old, same old. We use a ½ pound of fresh chicken, marinated & grilled to perfection. Our version features fresh mixed greens with our tomato salad. We add plenty of aged Romano cheese & homemade grilled butter & herb croutons.


We start this salad with a mound of crisp mixed greens lettuce & chopped tomato salsa. Then we add perfectly grilled ½ pound strips of fresh chicken breast, marinated in our lite mustard & cilantro sauce. Topped with fresh chopped scallions. Served with grilled bread & a side of ranch dressing.