Catering Menu

Everything on our Catering Menu is made to order.  No pre-packaged items and never made the night before.  Everything you select from this menu is made from our recipes and in our Kitchens.

    • *Fresh Produce everyday.
    • *We bake Virginia smoked pit hams.
    • *Our fresh chicken breasts are baked daily.
    • *We dry rub & roast our Top Round Beef
    • *Grilled steaks & chicken breasts are fresh    and grilled to order.
    • *Our soups and Chili’s are made in our          kitchen everyday.

We have a passion for preparing food, and being creative.  The presentations are colorful and very eye appealing.  Most important, you will experience full flavors that taste incredible.

Read this first.  Lunch Special.  Great Deal, Lots of food

Package Deals are priced per person.  
This is our classic lunch. True Friscos with your budget in mind.  (each person gets 2 full cut pieces of our gourmet soft French subs…BIG)

            • Sandwiches  (on platters)           $6.60
            • Exploded potatoes                      $1.50
            • Cookie                                         $  .85
            • Drinks with ice                             $1.50    (2liters, water)

Total                                            $10.45 per person

You also get plates, napkins, cutlery, serving spoons, cups, and ice.
You may order any combo of the above items for the listed price.

Starters or whenever…..Baked Wings and Homemade dips

Wings, not buffalo style, all Friscos baby$11.50/dz (Baked not fried)

Poke Wings-Hawaiian & Asian flare.  Drizzled with poke’ sauce & sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.
Roasted Pepper-Dry rubbed with red & black pepper, and lemon. Comes with Fresh Roasted Cayenne Peppers.
BBQ- If you like BBQ, you’ll love these!  Go Southern!!          
Mildly spicy-Our mild wing but still a little spicy.   Just good  eats
Friscos Bay Wings- a true reflection of Marylands Eastern Shore,  not spicy, true to taste.
Wicked Wolf-Lots of flavor and lots of hot, served with fresh  Wicked Wolf!!  You want more hot, just ask.

Dips (all dips served with lots of chips)

Sante Fe dip-Southwest chicken, avocado, salsa, and sour cream.   Regular feeds 15 $39/Large feeds 30 $49
Friscos Hummus-Fresh hummus & pita on a bed of spinach & fresh veggies served with four outrageous dipping sides. (Olive relish, pesto, wicked wolf & creamy dijon) Regular feeds 15 $39
Napa Nachos-White bean chicken chili.  Regular serves 4-5, $8.99/Large serves 8-10 $17.99

Finally- we make great Chicken and tuna salads– (Original, Baja, Curry & Albacore Tuna).  They are served on an attractive platter with creamy Dijon, Ranch, Spicy and Hot sauces.  (served with tri color chips)  Super popular.  Regular serves 15 $39/Large serves 25 $49.  Also available by the pound at $9.99/lb.

Platter of Sandwiches

Combo of Soft French subs, and sliced breads.- Assorted from our Restaurant menu. $7.60 per person.
Kids Sandwich platters– These are just good basic kids sandwiches. (ham & cheese, Turkey & cheese, etc) We cut them small.  $3.50 per person when you order sandwiches for the adults.  (2 pc. each)

Beef BBQ Sandwiches and Exploded Potatoes– Our fresh top round beef is cut, dry rubbed and roasted in our kitchens. Our BBQ sauce is among the best. You get a big generous pan of BBQ beef, Buttered and seasoned rolls, and of course…Exploded Potatoes.  All the serving stuff and plates are included. Just $11.75 per person.   (BBQ only $21/pound, serves 2-3 ppl)


Baked Potatoes in pans with toppings (side or main) All tins of Baked Potatoes with topping are $35.  Flat iron steak is $45  (ready to eat or ready to bake.)

In the restaurant, our baked potatoes are super popular. Now…they are available for Catering to feed lunch and party groups.  Perfect as a side or the main dish. It serves 5-6 people as a main dish, or 10-12 as a side.
(add $5 to replace the potatoes with exploders)

Juan Lobo-Homemade Beef chili, cheese and red onions.
Kong Lobo-Beef chili, cheese, red onions, bacon, sour cream and hot sauce.
Juanita Lobo-White bean chicken chili, cheese and red onions.
Sante Fe– Southwest baked chicken, salsa, lettuce, sour cream.
Sausalito-Tomato and green pepper Salso, Avocado, oil, vinegar, and sprouts.
Russian Hill– aka cordon bleu. Pit ham, baked chicken breast, swiss and creamy dijon.
B.A.R.T.- Ham, cheese, and ranch.
Coit Tower– Turkey, cheese, and ranch.
Twin Peaks-Fresh Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red cabbage, cream sauce, and cheese.
Redwood– Over roasted top round beef, cheese, onions and horseradish.
Flat Iron Steak– Strips of tender steak, creamy sauce, cheese, and fresh scallions.

EXPLODED POTATOES. Old world warm potato salad.  A staple at Friscos.  $5.75/lb.  Feeds 4.
(ready to eat or ready to bake)

Original-Bacon and cheese.
Veggie-Fresh veggies and cheese  (5 lb minimum)

Pasta Salads: – serves 20. $39

Almond Penne Pasta– Gourmet…Friscos version of  macaroni salad & way better!
Sundried Tomato and Spinach Pasta– Italy all over.  Zesty and Delicious.
Southwest Pasta– Creamy SW chicken, pasta, and veggies.  New Mexican fav.

Mac and Cheese We put our little spin on this traditional favorite & made it even better.   $5.75/lb.  One pound feeds 4.  (Ready to bake, or ready to eat.)

Green Salads: -feeds 15
(all salads have a mix of assorted fine lettuce, local when possible)
Marina Greens-Our house green salad with fresh veggies Oil & Vinegar.  $36
Cheffy-  Once again our version of a chef salad.  $39
Cobb Salad – Turkey, pasta, veggies, bacon,  avocado, shredded cheddar cheese & ranch dressing.$39
Pacific Heights– Hard salami, prosciutto, olives, tomatoes, peppers and more.  $39
Broccoli and Smoked Gouda– Very Friscos original.  one we like a lot, and a best seller.  $39
West of Sante Fe-Salad version of our famous Sante fe.  $39
Grilled Chic. Caesar -Friscos style.  $39
Examiner -tender chicken strips over mixed greens and tomato salad.  Served with grilled bread. $39
Flat Iron Steak -Grilled, tender steak strips over mixed greens and tomato salad. $49

Home made Soups and Chilis –$8 for a pint (3-4 servings) and $16  for a qt. (6-7 servings)
(Comes with serving ladles, cups, spoons and crackers)
White bean chicken chili-every day
Beef chili and cheese-every day
Soup of the Day-changes daily or request one!

Chips n Stuff
Tortilla chips.  Big bag $7 or container $2.50
Potato chips $2 per bag
Wicked Wolf- 8 oz jars of fresh Wicked Wolf Hot Sauce. $3.95

Cookies $8.60 dz
Brownies $2.75 each and can be quartered
Fresh Fruit- Cut to order- Market priced, but usually around $35 (feeds 15)

Drinks (with cups and Ice)

2 liter of coke products $3.99 per (serves 8.)
Bottles of water $1.99 each

We always include plates, cuttlery, napkins & serving utensils.  
Cancellation Policy:   24  hours is required on all Catering orders.  No same day cancels!

Delivery Fee’s for Catering business events:  (note;  We do not deliver to homes)
Local/Solorex                    $100  minimum            $10 Delivery Fee
Downtown/Airport                 $100  minimum           $12 Delivery Fee
Walkersville/Urbana             $150  minimum           $15 Delivery Fee
New Market/Spring Ridge     $150  minimum          $15 Delivery Fee
Woodsboro Thurmont/Mt. Airy/Myersville/Middletown   $300  minimum      $25 Delivery