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Wine and Craft Beer Shop

A little History first

We built the Wine and Craft Beer Shop in 2004 and opened its doors in the spring of 2005. It sits right next to Friscos.

We started with 13 wines and a handful of everyday beers. Our strategy was to follow in the footsteps of Friscos by offering a true product for less money. We really had no interest (and still have none) in competing with the local beer stores or the local wine shops. We simply like wine and thought it would be a neat addition to Friscos.

Since our opening, we have grown to about 300 wines and 75 craft beers, and our prices are very hard to beat.

Not your typical Wine Store
We focus on “off the beaten path” wines and try to find neat, smaller vineyards though out the World . These vineyards are plentiful, but hard to find because of their small to nonexistent advertising budgets and lack of delivery capabilities . The quality of their wine, however, can be outstanding. The next thing we do is taste every wine we put on the shelf. If we don’t like it, we won’t bring it in. (No matter how popular) Next, we try to keep all wines under $15 bucks. Most are in the $6 – $12 dollar range. We also have very small mark ups on our wine. Example: If you were used to paying $18 for a bottle of wine somewhere else, we would sell it for $10 – $12. It’s not magic, just a smaller mark up.

We also shy away from bigger names and rarely carry more than two of the same labels.

Every Friday, we sell all of our wines for $1 dollar over our cost for the bottle. That means if we buy the wine for $11 dollars, you pay $12 dollars. It’s a great deal, no tricks. You can also get that deal if you buy a case (12) of the same or mix & match bottles, any day of the week.

OK, a few other things. You can pre-order wines from us, however, only if we already carry the wine. We get in new wines weekly and are always interested in recommendations. If you want us to carry your favorite wine, we will sample it and if we like it, we will carry it.

All of our wines are available in the restaurant for the same price. No $8 dollar a glass here. You can even cork it and take it with you if you don’t finish it.

We do wine tastings, sign up for the email newsletter to stay posted.

We can save you a lot of money on the wine for your Wedding Reception or Fundraiser. Pre-orders only.

We are pretty good at food parings.

Not your typical Beer store
We usually have about 75 Craft style beers. Our primary focus is on Craft Beers from America.

We do have some wonderful international brews that we feel offer a traditional alternative. Most have been around for centuries.

We also carry some of the standard favorites like Budweiser, Coors lite, Miller, Yengling and Corona.

We have four beer sections in the shop.

Craft Beer – 12oz Bottles and cans. (mix and match available and no additional charge)
Craft Beer – Bombers (750ml singles)
Flying Dog – A cooler devoted to our friendly neighbor. (mix and match available n/c)
Standard favorites- My good buddy weiser and friends.

Craft Beers – We have what we refer to as a “evolving” cooler. This means a lot of our beers change seasonally. Example:

June – August – Mostly lighter lagers, pale ales and pilsners.
Sept. – Nov. – Octoberfest, Pumpkin, Winter Ales.
Dec. – Feb. – Stouts, Porters, Black IPA, Black Rye IPA, Boch, Scotch Ales, Red ales
March – May – Pilsner style, Blond Boch, Kolsche.

All of the craft style beers are available to mix and match in 6 packs. No up-charge. Great way to try before you buy a 6 Pack.

We don’t pick what is popular. We taste and bring in beers we believe are the best of that segment of beers.

Because the seasonals are only offered once a year, the cooler always has something new.

Craft Beer Bombers – We carry a nice assortment of the Bomber bottles. (750ml) Mostly, these are low production brews and are very special. As always, we pick our favs for you to enjoy.

Flying Dog Cooler – Flying Dog Brewery is little more than a stones throw from Friscos. They are a good neighbor and make exceptional beer. We try to carry every beer they offer and have them on tap in the restaurant. If you have not enjoyed the pleasure of their offerings, what the hell? Come in and mix your own 6 pack…you’ll see.

Standard – You can buy all the old stand buys like Bud, Miller, Coors, Corona, and Sam.